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 If you think education is expensive - try ignorance

Dr. Ivar A. Fahsing is a Detective Chief Superintendent and Associate Professor at the Norwegian Police University College. He has more than 15 year as experience in the Norwegian Police as a detective covering a wide range of high profile cases from organised crime to homicide. He has published widely in the field of investigative management and decision-making, investigative interviewing, eyewitness testimony, forensic psychology, detective skills, expert performance, knowledge management and organised crime. He is used as expert-witness in courts and has for more many years conducted training of law-enforcement personnel, intelligence officers and civilian partners in Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, Asia, United Nations, Pentagon, etc.  Below you will find some of his publications and assess his doctoral thesis called : The Making of an Expert Detective: Thinking and Deciding in Criminal Investigations. If you would like to read it - please click here. To get in contact for a proposal or an entertaining lecture please click here.

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